Is the Test Suite Broken?

I’m working on some of the Front End Projects and I noticed that the test suite won’t appear for any of the templates I click and seems to have been removed from my already designed survey form. The only was I was able to get a test suite was to fork a fully designed example page and delete all the current content. Is this a known issue with the Test suite on Codepen? Not sure what examples I can post but…
Here is a codepen with the Test Suite, copied from the Technical Documentation Example

Here is my survey page where the test suite has gone missing, for me anyways…

hopefully this the right topic for it, wasn’t quite sure what this would fall under.

UPDATE: It seems to be working once I closed the browser. Maybe it was a cookie issue? Very weird! Sorry for bothering you guys

Hm it works for me.
Maybe you closed it? There should be 3 little bars in the top left corner. Click them to reopen the test suite window if that is the case.