Is there a free website that has programming exercises to practice?

to reinforce knowledge and learn new things.
a bit of everything, HTML, CSS, JS, Python …

For JS and Python, sites like Codewars, Leetcode , and many others have algorithm practice.

There’s a site called 100 days of CSS that has 100 CSS challenges you can do in Codepen.

But I think the best thing you can do is make your own projects. Find a simple game you can make, and work out how to do it on your own, not following a video.

Hope this helps.


Hi @somvamp!

I completely agree with @cherylm’s suggestion about leetcode and codewars. You can just do a little bit each day. You could also do the interview prep section at the end of the FCC curriculum. I have done a few of those problems and I think it has helped me.

Also there is the new 24 days of JavScriptmas. It just started yesterday and the first two problems are already up. The first problems are pretty easy but it says it will ramp up throughout the month.

Hope that helps!


It is true that I had forgotten about that section in freecodecamp, thanks for reminding me.

I have tried codewars, I will test leetcode to see how it works, I was looking for something similar to freecodecamp challenges which in turn can make portfolio.

If you are referring to the certification projects after each section than the best way to build a professional portfolio would be to build projects outside of a class.