Issue: 53929 - What should be the correct fix?

Hello, I am trying to fix this issue as my first contribution!

Here is the link:

Simply put, the error is that when a user submits one of the new multifile Python cert projects then try to view the project on their settings page, it shows a blank page.

I was wondering what should be the correct output? For example, “View Code” shows the code itself, so what should “View Project” show?

Thank you!

that looks like a merged PR, there is nothing left to do

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from your description it looks like you want to help with this: Viewing multifile Python cert project solutions show blank page · Issue #53929 · freeCodeCamp/freeCodeCamp · GitHub

it has not been triaged yet, please look at issues with first timers only or help wanted label

Thank you for your answer! I saw that there was a PR associated, but I tested the issue just now and it seemd to persist. If an issue is on triage, does it mean that a new comer should avoid trying to solve it?

the issues open for contribution are the ones with help wanted label, or first timers only if it’s the first issue you contribute to

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Hi @fonseca.tomas.9906 !

Welcome to the forum!

It looks like the PR you are referencing was merged in only two days ago.
That means that is not live on the site.

freeCodeCamp doesn’t redeploy the site each time a change is made.
It happens about once a week where all of the new changes from the previous week are made live on the site.

Those changes will probably show up some time in a few days