Issue Tracker Project - Functional Tests not passing for submission

I have completed the Issue Tracker project and the Functional Tests are passing in the console, are not passing for the browser.

You can see the project files here

Thanks for the advice!

Hello there,

Could you try disabling NODE_ENV (set it to anything but test), and submit again?

If that works, this is not the correct behaviour, but at least you will be able to continue.

Thanks for the thought. I tried that before posting. With NODE_ENV set to ‘test’, it fails all but the the first test in the browser and when not set to ‘test’ it fails just the last test.

When you run the tests (freeCodeCamp), can you see any errors in the console (app)?

I wasn’t getting any errors, but I noticed an ‘undefined’ logged to the console. After some digging I found that the undefined was actually a poorly labeled error being thrown by code in fcctesting.js.

Knowing that my code was actually throwing an error made me revisit my tests again. It appears that in one of the tests, I was calling done() outside of .end().

Thanks for the suggestion, it helped me figure this out!

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