Issue with bootstrap

Whenever I use bootstrap and try to edit some element in css I always have to do !important at the end or else it wont work. Can someone please tell me a solution to this.


Overwriting bootstrap css is always pain in the butt, at least to me it is. What it comes down to is the the specificity over your css. Ultimately, if the bootstrap selectors are higher on the specificity hierarchy. You needs to create selectors that are higher on the hierarchy, and also the placement matters as well. Meaning if you have a selector at the beginning then bootstrap has a selector that targets what you we’re targeting, but it comes after your selector then bootstrap styling wins. You can read this to get a better understanding

Any particular reason you are using / learning bootstrap ? If you check JD of jobs posted by startups ( Google y combinator startup jobs ), I hardly find bootstrap being used now a days.

I suggest don’t use any framework till you’re super confident with plain CSS.

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