Help needed for Bootstrap

I started using bootstrap on my personal portfolio and I am having some issues making my CSS file to overwrite the bootstrap for certain sections. I’ve tried both methods and apparently on works and the other doesn’t. On the HTML file, I added <link
and it works fine but for text-decorations, I wrote it on my own CSS file and it doesn’t overwrite. My CSS file is below the bootstrap link. I also tried the method of downloading the zip file of bootstrap and added the bootstrap.css onto the file replacing the direct link and it looks nothing like the first method. I have tried using google and stack overflow but nothing works to overwrite. I have buttons and when I hover the text turns blue and underlined.

Any help is much appreciated!

Do you have a demo that works?

Meanwhile try to use


at the end of your css values to see if that works.

I do not have a demo but I can screenshot the differences?

Part of the my own CSS file works properly.

!important did work perfectly