Issue with VS Code?

See attached pictures, anybody have an idea how to change this in VS Code? My computer crashed and all of the sudden this happened! Lol

What is ‘this’ you are talking about?

Are you trying to fix the theme? If so, what operating system are you running?

Yes this theme, windows 10. Basically in the HTML for every space there are these dots, and in the css there are arrows per selector. It is probably a simple fix, just having a hard time figuring out where

It looks like you somehow toggled showing whitespace, stackoverflow on whitespace.

If you press F1 and start typing whitespace you should see “Toggle Render Whitespace” press enter on that and you should no longer see whitespace.

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That was exactly it, thanks for your help! I guess showing white-space has its advantages so you’re not making errors in your code?

In the case of whitespace it mostly be to check for constancy less we where talking about something like yaml.

Like your using spaces, but you get a pull request which you checkout and find they used tabs. But that generaly is what linting is for, code constancy and checking for general errors.

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