Hello again, Please need some help!

Hi, I’ve been doing this project on my computer and I recently asked for help that really worked out! But now I’ve got another issue and it’s that on my computer everything seems to be working ok, but when I pass the code to codepen and I click on my sidebar to appear, it creates a white space on the right, I don’t know what could be, please help me figure this out.

codepen - https://codepen.io/Mikeavocado01/full/rNYXJYo

This is how the white space looks like on codepen.

On my computer seems to be working good.

Note: I’m working on the mobile version so you should resize your screen! Thanks!

Can’t possibly tell what could be wrong, the issue doesn’t replicate for me. Unless you’ve found a fix within the 3hours.

Hello @Mike01

I have checked out your codepen on my end and everything seems to check out. I don’t have the white space. Maybe you fixed it ?

Hi! Thanks for answering, You know I have tried in diferrent browsers and It is still hapenning! But only when I check on codepen, locally everything seems ok, I don’t have the same issue!

Hello, thanks for your answer. When I check on codePen I still have the white space maybe is for the computer I don’t know, I’m going to check from another computer. Thank you!

I have tested from diferrent and It seems to be working good! Thanks again!

I have tested from diferrent and It seems to be working good! Thanks a lot!

  1. Go to the Setting and under HTML click the ↑ Insert the most common viewport meta tag.

  2. Click the Change View button and select Debug mode. It will open in a new tab without the Codepen interface.

When I look in Debug mode the overflow doesn’t happen until 289px (which is irrelevant).

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Thanks sr. It has worked. You’ve been a great help!

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