Css not working on codepen

Hi everyone,
I am trying to write my first website on codepen. I am now trying to include some very basic css editing (blue color and centered) but it does not seem to work… nothing changes on the website.
Can someone please tell me what i did wrong?

Thank you very much!

Did you copy paste from somewhere else?
If you rewrite the css it is fine. There seem to be something preventing the CSS to render correctly in the spaces between the brackets.

Yeah, for some reason the spaces before the properties are messing with the code. Try deleting them and then inserting your own spaces.

Thanks a lot guys! I don’t know what happened i didn’t copy paste, the spaces appeared automatically. I erased/typed them again and now it is all good. Cheers!!

hi guys I also need some help, the styles on the h1 and h2 in the code below not responding. Thanks for your help

.h1 { padding:0; margin-top:0px; color:white; }


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