Issues with portfolio

Hello,I know I have a way to go with this portfolio but I have a few issues I’m trying to solve for few days.

  1. Why is my avatar photo an owal shape and not a circle?
  2. Why does the paragraph in contact section go out of the box?
    Can anyone please help?


  1. The photo is oval because its width is bigger than its height. Crop the image to equal width-height if you want a circle.
  2. Paragraph goes out of the box because it’s a very big string which you don’t use in real world. But if you for some reason want to use that, then put word-break property in your CSS.
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Thanks for your help.
I think it worked.
Do you have any more advice up to this point?

You can add…

a:visited {
  background-color: #B56357!important;

…for navbar links after the a:hover property, because when you click on a navbar link background and text both stay white.

Add some meaningful text, maybe fix some spacing around avatar, add some contact links (icons if you want) in contact div… The rest looks good :slight_smile: