Issues with website


So since a couple of days I am having troubles in connecting to my account in the website.
Each time, I open it shows me in the front page (
the error : Something is not quite right. A report has been generated and the team have been notified.

Then when I go to Sign Up I get this :
(Sorry there was an image but I had my IP shown on it so I had to delete it)

I thought there was an update, but when the error didn’t show up in chrome’s incognito mode I’ve decided to ask here.

Have you tried clearing your browser cache?

Welcome there,

Ditto what @Roma mentioned. Also, I see you have an adblock extension enabled with access to freecodecamp - I suggest you disable this, and hard-refresh the page.

Hope this helps

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Thanks for responding
I’ve just cleared my cache and disabled all chrome’s extensions, but the error is still here.

Hi I am back, I’ve just deleted all my cookies and the error is gone (I just have now to connect to every other website again but it’s fine).
Thanks for your help.

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