Its amazing how much you learn by struggle

i just want to say im finally finished with the intermediate algorithms section. and i decided to go redo all of the basic algorithm challenges. and i went through all of them in one day without having to ask for help or peruse the solutions at all. I still remembers a few months ago when i was struggling just trying to do one challenge a day.


I’ve always thought that the “struggle” of learning something tough is the source of experience you can use later. Yea it totally sucks to not know what is going on, but once you do figure it out, it is very rewarding.


Yeah, what I’m actually doing is…struggle, try figure the “damn” thing out first :wink: can’t come right after few hours (yeah, I google it as well if it’s “greek” to me, try find out more about this “alien” lol, finally get some info and knowledge about this “alien”, figure it out…eventually, write notes, then recap later :wink:
Yeah it actually is amazing but what I’ve found quite useful is to actually understand what’s going on inside the code and understand how its working, then make notes around that so I don’t “easily” forget or use those notes later, maybe on the job or whatever


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