I've finally finished the Voting App!

Here you go, guys: http://fccvotingappfcc.herokuapp.com/

All in all, I learnt a lot. I used Express, EJS and MongoDB (with the MongoDB driver). A few key things I learnt:

  1. I should have thought about the database from the beginning. For example, I started with only having two options and then later had to entirely rethink nearly all of my code so that I could better accommodate multiple options and update them. If I hadn’t been in such a rush to get everything on the screen then I wouldn’t have had such a difficult time in editing everything later (the code was everywhere also).
  2. I’m going to look into Mongoose instead of the MongoDB driver. It seems to be easier?
  3. I’m not sure how I feel about EJS. I might go back and try to create a few things with React and JSX and see if it’s cleaner. With just using EJS I found it was really not fun to trace errors. There were many things I liked about it , though.
  4. With Stackoverflow, impossible is nothing.

By the way, someone has told me that they get an error saying their IP has already voted on the poll. If you experience this, could you please tell me the browser and device you had this problem on.

Thank you!