January 2018 fCC Cohort

I really like this idea, and would love to jump in on the next cohort, whenever that may be. Ive only just begun with the course a few days ago, and while I’ve worked through all of the HTML5 and CSS and jQuery, I still feel like I’ll need to do it another 10 times before i feel in any way “proficient”. I was actually planning on just repeating those sections several times before I even attempt the tribute page or personal page projects. Not sure if thats the way to go, but I sure don’t think I’m ready to just pull everything from memory and create anything from scratch. Anyway. Cheers!

Love your Jesus Christ tribute page

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@wmooney1984 and @SPARTiCO,

At this point, joining the cohort basically means reading through all of the replies for each of the forum topics in the schedule above. It’s possible some will review your projects when they’re submitted past the deadlines.

I recommend creating new forum topics for each of your projects so you can get exposure to more people. Also, I find that reading the reviews of other projects helps me learn what people are looking for so I can integrate that stuff into my projects from the beginning.

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I had guessed it was far to late to jump in and have any substantial impact. Thank you for the recommendations though. I will definitely look at others project forum post when im starting them, and when I get to publishing projects I feel somewhat proud of, I will most def share share share. Thanks again for the reply. Cheer! :beers:

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Here’s the new Technical Documentation Page Project Forum Topic. The deadline for this project is March 18, 2018 23:59 PST.

We’re on the last project for the Responsive Web Design certification for the beta curriculum. Hooray to everyone who’s worked hard on their projects up to this point! :rocket:

Here’s the Personal Portfolio Webpage Project forum topic where we can share our portfolio projects, ask questions, and share helpful resources. One of the nice features of doing more projects in the beta curriculum is that we actually have work we can put into our portfolio page. :wink: The deadline for this project is April 1, 2018 23:59 PST.

Three months ago, I figured the beta curriculum would be live by the time we got to this point. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to be ready yet. Even though we can’t officially track our progress and get a certificate, we can use our project forum topics as proof that we completed the projects.

Keep an eye out for an upcoming cohort starting around the JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures section of the beta curriculum. :sunny:


Thanks for organizing this! It’s been really good to help me keep motivated while working on these projects. I’m personally not too worried about the beta not being ready yet. We’ve done the projects and know they pass the tests for submission whenever it is ready. When are you going to start the cohort for the next section? I’m already digging into it a bit.

@gilvarry Someone else expressed potential interest in facilitating a cohort for the next session, so if they decide to do it, they’ll let everyone know soon. I’m guessing the deadlines will start in April.

From which section cohort will start in April?

@ilkurtovi It’ll be the JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures section of the beta curriculum.

Congratulations to everyone who finished the Responsive Web Design section of the beta curriculum!

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For those who are interested in working with another cohort or starting a cohort with the next section of the beta curriculum, here it is:

Also, reply here with your experiences of this cohort. What would you improve? What would you keep the same? Thank you all so much for your participation! :sunny:

Are we able to actually claim the certificate just now?

@angelinalblyth No. The certificates won’t be available until the beta curriculum is live.

They where claimable for a short period of time so was wondering if anyone was lucky enough to grab one.

I keep checking github for issues and all I see are more appearing :roll_eyes:

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CSS Grid was just added, we are already outdated. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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@yoizfefisch I noticed that too! :smile: I’m glad that section was added and can’t wait for the beta curriculum to become live so we can actually record our progress for the world to see. :earth_africa:

There are also a few new lessons for CSS variables under the Basic CSS section.
I add them here so anyone who followed along with this cohort is aware of new lessons.

BTW, I completely redid my personal portfolio page and would love any feedback on my feedback request post.

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Claimed my Responsive Web Design certificate! Has anyone else? You can find the spot to do it in the Settings link at the top of the new freecodecamp front page.

My name is Olumide. I found this forum to be very useful.Thank you for your immense idea.

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Hello all,
I’m retiring the linked document mentioned above :arrow_up:.
It contains specs from the old Version of the certificate rubrics and user stories.
Happy coding!