January 2018 fCC Cohort

@angelinalblyth yeap, tried your way. still no luck!
I feel so unlucky right now :expressionless:

Can you try it on a mobile device and/or another browser and see if that works?

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@angelinalblyth, thanks for helping with this! What you’ve suggested is perfect. :rocket:

I’d only like to add …

For those people (@catherinewoodward, @mohamedeliwa) who are having issues with the beta challenges, are you at least able to access the text/instructions for the challenges? If you are, focus on reading through all of the challenges for the HTML and CSS sections for now. Be sure you fully understand the material. The projects are where you’ll really be tested, so don’t worry too much about not being able to submit answers for the various challenges right now. You’ll probably have to do that again anyway once the beta is released.

Unfortunately, I have no connections to anyone developing the beta so I can’t influence the quality of that experience in any way. :frowning:

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I really wanted to face the Challenges and now I have to be happy only by reading the instructions!

So, I didn’t know about the limit of only being able to mention 15 accounts per post. :thinking:

I added the following people to the list, but without the @ sign:


So, if you’re wanting to join, add your username to the list above but don’t add the @ sign.

When I create a new topic, I’ll be sure to create comments where everyone on the list above will be mentioned and notified.

However, as @angelinalblyth mentions, you’ll still want to bookmark and watch this topic and every new section topic (like this one) so you can be notified of new messages and participate in discussions.


I have my own initiative you are welcome to join. The exercise uses a different pedagogy and is a bit more applied knowledge and experience. Rather than teaching theory, we are learning through our own experience and application of knowledge. This is a tangible exercise and In the end you will have a framework for a website built entirely from scratch.

This is ideal for someone who has gone through all the modules, or completed a bootcamp, school, etc but is still looking for a community to continue growing without having to start over each and every time.

I’ve started a github with a simple buildable website using html semantics. The idea is to build it using a simple JavaScript Object and leave challenges for others. The project may be cloned and used. I am going to need help with Wiki’s, exercises, and documentation.

Please send me a private message if interested.

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unfortunately, I can not access the text/instructions for the challenges except by direct link to the challenge.
as I can not navigate the website using the map as the map doesn’t work for me also.

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I am keen to join but keep receiving error messages. Have tested both Chrome and Safari - no joy. Please advise.

I’m using Firefox and I’m moving to Firefox Dev Edition Get it here ….

It’s all working for me in both Firefox browsers. Although today the App output section has a grey background.
It’s still working though.

I’ve just finished HTML and CSS sections. I’m going to skip through and list each of the learnings so as to build myself a cheat sheet/list of things to help myself.

Happy coding.

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Great idea and thank you for all your efforts! I am new to web development and have completed the freeCodeCamp challenges up to the Tribute Page. I would like to join this initiative.

Though I was able to bookmark the post, I was not able to edit it to add my username. Could you please add me? Thank you!

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can I be added to this group… I tried to add myself and I could not somehow and I am new to freecodecamp…

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Try adding yourself without putting @ in the beginning. That should work.

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Thanks alot …it worked

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I would like to join as well.

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@camper Hello I’m joining a few days late but would like to participate - would you mind adding @5Lions ? Thank you.

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Hello there, I am joining too.

I’ve already completed all the challenges in the Responsive Web Design section, and am currently working on the Product Landing Page project.
I will re-visit the challenges though since I had a long break from coding lately.
I think these deadlines will be a good motivation to go on this time.

Thanks so much for setting up this cohort!


I want to join but i have already gone through some of the basic html and html and css with the old map since in the old map they are all jumbled up into one. Ooh and i also want to join the cohort list. I am participating in the #100dayscodingchallenge so this will keep me accountable

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Thanks @camper for organizing this! I’m looking forward to being part of this cohort over the next several months.

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please add me to the cohort list

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Hi! Could you please add me to the list? I’ll move from the current to the new (beta) curriculum, which works great for the #100DaysOfCode challenge. Thanks!