JASIO Calculator Feedback Required, Please Rate from 1 - 10

Hey There Guys!

It’s been a long time since my last post, Had been really busy working on a Personal Project for my company. But now I am back with this Calculator Project from FCC’s Curriculum. Please provide your valuable Feedback & Rate from 1 - 10.

JASIO Calculator Links


  • Animated Buttons
  • Shows exponential notations when digits are too long to fit screen
  • Allows Chaining
  • And the best of all allows the use of keyboard (Key map available below)

Key Map

  • Erase = Backspace
  • Clear = Delete
  • Equals = Enter
  • Other keys = NumPad Keys

Resources Used

I am proud to share that no library was harmed or killed during production, I mean no library was used at all. :grin:

Hey Guys!

It’s selfish me just seeking a little bit of attention from fellow campers.