Java FX future or niche?

Hello all,

currently I am learning Java since two years but I am also interested in programming JavaFX since it is really cool see how UI is working…and it is easy for me to understand it how it works (methods: launch => init => start = > stop)

But it is really worth learning it? Does JavaFX have future or it is just a niche?
I would really be thankful if you could provide me some information.


Hi, while I do find that javafx can be useful for better UI, I can tell you that sometimes it can also be a real pain.
As far as I recall, javafx was removed from the idk and continues as an independent project. I would consider it as a niche, but imho, if you are sticking with Java, it IS worth learning.

I’ve started to move away from Java years ago, so I’m not really up to date with it. I don’t really like some of the decisions that were made by Oracle. Specifically the one that requires you to pay if you want to use the official version of Java in a professional environment.