Java Test Driven Development and Continuous Integration for dummies

“Hello World”! In these days I’m practicing Java (and JSP). Since I try to carry on good development practices, I’m looking for tutorials/introductory guides for TDD and CI in Java (and in general). The ideal thing would be to integrate the new TDD and CI tools with the Eclipse IDE (for example JUnit). The guides/webpages that I found until now are either very theoretical or apply to very complex software. I feel that I’m missing something in between.
Any advice?

I second that. What I would like to find, is how to apply TDD to a simple “Hello World” and write my own test in pure JS. Most (all that I could find) tutorials are bit advanced and/or use libraries. Thats all fine, but I would first like to understand the very basics first.
Anybody got ideas?

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