Need guidance with TDD + JS / TS

Hi All,

Can someone please share their experiences wrt TDD with JS / TS ?

I’m building JavaScript projects from frontend mentor and would like to use TDD in all of them.

  1. Does TDD makes sense in smaller project as well ?
  2. Does it make you better programmer ?
  3. Does it make logic better ?
  4. What are the best resources to learn TDD + JS / TS ?

Thanks in advance.


Yeah. It helps you know your code is good and it can help you break down the code.

No. But it can help you write better code.

No. It just is a tool to help you make sure code is correct.


you are just passing knowledge out to everyone.

Are there some other channels I could follow you on? Twitter? Discord?

Thanks for answers, can you please share if you know any good resources to learn TDD with JS, TS as well ?

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