Javascript / Ajax front end - Not part of curriculum?

I have completed the backend certification and also the javascript algorithms. I’m also already familiar with HTML and CSS but what I’m looking for is training on using javascript to build pages (ie. not backend running on node js) and javascript/ajax for web pages communicating with backend. I don’t see where that is in any of the certifications and the closest thing is the front end libraries. It just seems odd to not have this content for a front end or full stack certification but I don’t see it. Can anyone help or explain?

Ajax is just a methodology. Anything you do asynchronously on javascript falls under ajax. So there is no need to explicitly include it as a topic. If you are familiar with async/awaits ,promises and event loop then you are already familiar with ajax. In the old days setting up an ajax http request was a pain. But in modern web the fetch api and libraries like axios can handle this as a butter using promises.

I know about promises and async but mostly from writing backend exercises. I guess I was looking for just training on typical uses of javascript on the UI client/UI side. I know you can use jquery and other things for dom manipulation ,etc but I wish there was some training on doing things with javascript in the ui and accessing backend from the client etc. I can go learn it on my own but just wish fcc included it in training that incorporated that with HTML, CSS, to do typical front end type stuff that javascript has been used for.

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