Javascript DOM and Fetch

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I am currently working on the JavaScript data structures and and algorithms part of the curriculum when I happened upon the attached. It says that I need to learn DOM manipulation and Fetch API/AJAX. I was wondering if these are really necessary to learn since it was not mentioned on the javascript certification. Or would I need to learn it somewhere else? Can you suggest a good resource?

Yes, they are arguably the main usecase for frontend JavaScript, given that in combination they are the core part of most modern JS web applications. The main job of modern frontend frameworks for building JS applications is dealing with the DOM, so if you were using them means you are insulated a little from the nitty-gritty of updating the DOM, but it’s still pretty critical to understand how to manipulate it. You need to understand how to make network requests via fetch or some abstraction over that, this is not something you can ignore.


Neither fetch nor any of the DOM API are part of JavaScript, that’s why they aren’t mentioned in the JS algorithms and data structures part of the course

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Thank you for answering! I was wondering why the author of the roadmap would include DOM and fetch to javascript though, if it is not a part of it? Can I safely ignore it for now and continue with the certifications? Will I learn it on other parts of the curriculum?

They are browser JS APIs, they are things you access using JS. They’re so central to practical use of JS that they’re included there. But they aren’t actually part of the language, they are something that you apply your knowledge of the language to use. Keep continuing anyway, you’ll get to a lot of stuff that teaches and makes use of them!

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Okay, thanks for the reply!