Javascript Blog Ideas

What are some beginner blog ideas for JavaScript?

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What do you mean by beginner blog ideas?

Are you talking about blogs for beginner javascript projects?
Or blogs explaining javascript topics to beginners?
Or both?

One of my first portfolio projects was

Fully built with keysoneJS (JavaScript based on node/express and mongoose/mongodb)

This version is made in Next.js hosted by vercel and does not involve a database anymore.

I have not updated it in months but most of the articles are JavaScript-based and in various topics like coding patterns and more.

Has new articles, JavaScript, Python and more.

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The first one!
I hear a lot that writing blogs help you get ahead in your career. But, I’m confused what to write!? Everything is already there on internet, what is the sense in reapeating that again!? Thanks in adv.

Maybe you can blog the solutions to Project Euler problems. There is no website on the internet having complete solutions as far as I am aware (in JavaScript).
This would make you a better programmer certainly and would look good as a CV item.

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I would write about what you know and genuinely care about.

For example, I write articles for FCC News and the theme of the articles centers around my journey as a beginner.

I talk about the good and bad of being a beginner, how to balance learning how to code with other life responsibilities, parallels between my previous career as a musician and programming, etc.

Tell your story and perspective on programming.

Maybe you could tell a story about how you struggled with Javascript at first but overcame it. Then provide tips to your readers on how you got better with javascript.

Or maybe you have an awesome process for solving coding challenges and you want to share that with readers.

Or maybe you want to walk through one of the FCC projects through your perspective. Talk about how to approach the project, common pitfalls, what you learned building the projects, etc.

Be authentic and tell your story as a developer. People will read good stories.

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Thanks @GeorgeCrisan! I visited your blogs and got some ideas about blogging. Also, the project Euler idea is quite interesting. I’m looking forward to work on that. Thank you once again for your suggestions :slight_smile: Stay safe!

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Thank you @jwilkins.oboe! You suggestion is really aspiring. This approach can result in lots of genuine blogs. Thanks. Stay safe :slight_smile: