Javascript Calculator with React-Redux

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My code has two React components, Numpad and Operators. Operators communicates with Redux.

Numpad is working fine, its method “updateSequence” tracks the operand, in a gist: if it’s zero, incoming digit(s) replaces it. Else, digit appends.

Operators and Redux management is the problem, along with state and props management. Chiefly, a delay problem. From my research, asynchronous execution is the cause but I have tried the redux-thunk in middleware and it didn’t solve the issue.

I know my code isn’t pretty, I am not touching view elements again, until I fix the functionality. I have comment the problem areas in my code. And linking the codepen project, the guidelines didn’t seem to say linking project isn’t allowed. Sorry if I’m being ignorant.

P.S. Been debugging this since yesterday so, it’s full of commented out zones and console.logs
P.S 2. Any constructive criticism is welcome. I want to improve my web development skills.

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Should I post the code here as well?
The comments seem to complicate the preview window. Tell me if I should edit in key codes.

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Challenge: Build a JavaScript Calculator

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Nevermind… solved it with “store.getState()”