Javascript error (I'm a autodidatic beginner pls help me)

Hi please help, I am applying for a scholarship but I am in selection tests, watching a firefox online material for developers which is called “What is Javascript” Which is mandatory in my learning and in the middle of the page where it says JAVASCRIPT EXTERNAL asks me to do an exercise that when I run it gives me the error:
On line 2, character 14
Expected error “;”
Code 800A03EC

If you would be so kind to help me please I would be very grateful, I do not know which of the 2 tabs refers to HTML or java and how to know which is the character 14 because I do not know if spaces count or how?
I attach the link of the document where the exercise is, the name of the title of the exercise is in the middle of the document and it is called External Javascript the exercise and I attach the images of the code that I made.

Link of document: What is JavaScript? - Learn web development | MDN


You don’t use semi-colons (;) in html - so you can remove them from lines 1-7