Javascript is a big step up

I jumped straight from HTML/CSS to JS because I need to fulfill the pre-reqs for a course I’m attending in the fall, and wow the level of complexity multiplied quickly. I am enjoying the challenge though.

Where is everyone else at?

best way to learn js after you past basic concepts is to build some projects. I realized that a bit late but is worth it. I spent to much time with tutorials instead to actually WRITE CODE. Algorithms from FCC are good for understanding some concepts also finish Intermediate Front End Projects it’s helps a lot.

Good luck with that !

Good advice, I’ll have to try that. What kind of projects specifically did you start with?

From FCC are good enough for start, try not looking at example code. I would advice first to finish basic algorithms, it will help you for future projects.

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Every JS developer must perfectly know the HTML/CSS.

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Why do you say that?

Not sure if kidding. JS can be used outside of HTML/CSS for other things. It supplements the HTML/CSS but isn’t needed in the deeper coding too much.

JS has more in line with C or Python or other non-web-focused languages than HTML/CSS in regards to what it can do/code-for.

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