Javascript or SQL, which do i learn first?

Hello campers, as we’ve all noticed, freecodecamp have added a new course(Relational Database) to their curriculum…
So, I was thinking, after learning the “Responsive Web design” course, do i start with the SQL in"Relational Database" first or “Javascript and algorithm” course?..
Which do i learn before the other??..

I started with HTML and CSS. Added Javascript and finally added SQL. But many times it is good to add the “fun” parameter when learning.

I’d continue down the “web-dev” path and learn JavaScript.

Without it, HTML and CSS can get you static looking sites, but they wont be able to do anything.

JavaScript is a full on programming language that is later leveraged to help you write server-side code.

SQL on the other hand, is where you learn how to work with a database. Practically this is a “back-end” sort of knowledge.
Learning it now would mean you learn information that isn’t directly relevant to what you learned with the HTML/CSS parts of the course.

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If you already learned html and css, Javascript would to me seem the next logical choice following that progression. However SQL is kind of fun especially if you like playing with data and databases.
If your future does not invole working with databases, though, Javascript would seem a better use of your time.


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