JavaScript String.prototype.split() - Split Explained with Examples


The split() function separates an original string into substrings, based on a separator string that you pass as input.

The output of the split() function is an Array of strings, which represent the separated substrings from the original string.

The original string is not altered by the split() function.


// We have a regular string
"Hello. I am a string. You can separate me."

// Let's use the split function to separate the string by the period character:
"Hello. I am a string. You can separate me.".split(".");
// output is [ "Hello", " I am a string", " You can separate me", "" ]

Since we used the period ( . ) as the separator string , the strings in the output array do not contain the period in them; the output separated strings do not include the input separator string itself .

The string separator does not have to be a single character, it can be any other string:

"Hello... I am another string... keep on learning!".split("...");
// output is [ "Hello", " I am another string", " keep on learning!" ]

const names = "Kratos- Atreus- Freya- Hela- Thor- Odin";
// notice separator is a dash and a space
names.split("- ");
// output is [ "Kratos", "Atreus", "Freya", "Hela", "Thor", "Odin" ]