Job while I study to change to Web Dev?

I’m a IT grad whose first helpdesk contract got cut due to COVID-19. Over a month later and I am having a hard time getting IT work. Thankfully I have been getting unemployment and I have money saved. Today two recruiters reached out, but the pattern is that companies are opting for more experienced candidates. When everyone starts getting laid off and less jobs are available the competition skyrockets.

I honestly do not want to work in IT and do not like help desk. I’ve thought about being a web dev all through college and I decided that I want to pursue it. Been studying for about a month daily while unemployed.

Maybe I should get something else and stick with it until I can find a job in Web dev?
I am concerned about pay though. surviving a year or two on minimum wage probably isnt realistic.

I’ve thought about doing lawn care, but I am concerned it will totally wipe me out. I could go get a easy minimum wage job(not that they are all easy), but man that will be cutting it close with the bills.

The upside of a easier job is the ability to focus more on web dev. If I go back to help desk I will be more distracted, but will make more money.

Any advice on work I could do?

fyi. I am single and only financially responsible for myself. Rent is $600 and I have about 7k in the bank. I live in Raleigh where I’m renting from a guy my age. I just dont want to lose all my money by doing something stupid lol.

Sounds like you got plenty in the bank. Work part time at a min wage job to stay afloat, and in your free time study webdev.
I’ve been doing that for about a year, except I have been working full time. It’s tiring and you have to really push yourself to code.

I’ve thought about that. But working part-time minimum wage would mean bringing in $600-800 a month. I could easily be losing $400-500 a month. I’ve heard it can take 1 - 2 years of studying to get hired and with economy the way it is I am figuring at least over a year. Even with my savings that would be tough. I think about situations like my car breaking down or a health emergency. I worked at Starbucks during college so I am going to try that, because if I can work just enough to get the healthcare It would help a lot. I am willing to lose some money each month, but I got to be smart or I’m concerned I’ll put myself in a tight spot.

There’s always freelancing. Find a skill you have and make the best of it!

Other than that:

Try find a job that has a decent amount of downtime so you can study at work. As an example. I worked 34 hours/week while doing full time college.

I worked as a valet so that between parking/retrieving cars I could get a bit of studying/work in. It worked well enough for me.

Some examples I can think of are:

  • Valet
  • Parking attendant
  • Receptionist/Secretary at a non-fancy hotel
  • Box office at a theater of some sort
  • Driver of some sort

Most of these will be tough during the current corona thing, but use your imagination and I bet you can come up with something.

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My advice fwiw is to take a low paying position, ie $17 ( $23 overtime) for a web dev position and go from there.

I do have former experience and it took me a year from fcc to that first job to double my salary to around $30+ and I’ve learnt SQL and database management, wordpress plugin development, php zend framework, a butt load of git and repo management, svn, ada compliance, npm, css mastery, responsive design mastery, grunt configuration, native js, UI and Adobe XD list goes on and on.

One of my closest friends called it vocational school. While my path is not the 6 figures people are talking about, it gets the job done while I advance my abilities.

Never stop learning as well. It’s exhausting but I’ve had several 2am days this week.

All those posts that talk about paying boot camp? treat these low paying entry level dev jobs as boot camp that pays you.

It’s not a must, but it’s a passion type thing devs do because they need and want to stay sharp.

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I am definitely keeping my eye out on anything entry level regardless of pay. Looking at internship too, but almost all of them want someone enrolled at a college. With the economy the way it is, I am thinking it will much harder to even get those lower paying positions. One of the closest things I’ve seen to an entry level position pays $14 and hours and I applied - position

I’m just thinking I would need another 6-8months before even the entry positions.

What sort of entry positions can I be looking for?

Hey again,

If times are hard, perhaps try taking something in the very short duration and then in the rest of the time left over do FCC . Try to be really honest with your skill set right now. Did you fly through the FCC chapters and needed more challenge, or do you need more time to get it?

I happened to have a background in C mainframe but that was a long time ago. I did re-hash and modernize my ability so I ended up getting faster. But this took a LOT of self-learning and effort. Programming is a lifelong wip.

Also I wouldn’t short change yourself in regards to the economy especially if you love web dev and are passionate about it. This job, in spite of talk about how it’s so “easy” and in “demand” requires a lot of time, effort and patience. Not everyone can, or is suited to do this.

So in summation, I think a retail job is OK in the interim if all available postings on craigslist and elsewhere are all filled. But you don’t want to do anything for longer than needed that sucks your soul and isn’t a good fit.

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I am a beginer who is willing to become a web developer. Could you be so kind to take some time to guide me and help me take first steps??

Thanks a lot!

have you started studying? that’s the first step, start learning.
the freecodecamp curriculum is a good start.

OK, I will, but is so big, so much to learn. What is to be the first: Basic HTML and CSS?? (Responsive web design certification?) or Front Enf Library Certification?? Which is to be first?
Thank you all.

the curriculum is thought to be done in order: start from Responsive Web Design certification and go forward

if you do the Front-End libraries cert before learning HTML, CSS and JavaScript you will be missing a lot of basics and be in great difficulty

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is this job a work from home job?

Hello, friend!
Recent I made it through the Responsive Web Design Certification. Now I am stuck, I need to built a “Tribute page” and I am not sure what to do. Could you “translate for me”?
Thank you.

what do you need translated? and why don’t you open your own topic?

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Hey, thanks for reply. I am a beginner, I don’t fully understand things arround here. I thought I can ask a question, and someone will answer. Why do I need to open a topic?

please, open your own topic for your own question. This discussion is off-topic for this topic here.

This will keep the forum more tidy and your question more visible so that more people can help you

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