Jobs where you're paid for sitting and doing almost nothing

Hello, as I’m typing it, I’m at “work” as a hotel receptionist. The reality of this job is that I get paid £7.50/hour for basically studying, as there is approximate 90 minutes of real work - printing, filing, greeting customers, answering an odd phone call, email. How do I spend the rest 8- 12 hours is up to me, and management is happy with that.

Also another perk - it’s 55 hours a week…

My question is - how can I get paid more, sitting in the warm office, and still do nothing all the time? NHS reception? More kind of office environment, CCTV security? I’m asking as I have absolutely no idea.

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I’m game. My first IT job I got paid $10/hr to sit in a wharehouse to play Warcraft and Starcraft, yes the original games.


Lol guys where you get that awesome jobs lol :smiley: You from Uk @conradOU ? With city ?

Definitely not NHS Reception.

I wish I also had this kind of Job so that I could study at FCC more.

I do basically the same thing but at an apartment building. I get paid well enough to get by and I have basically nothing to do at work . Having all this free time is what led me to try coding in the first place and I get at least 75% of my work / learning done while i’m at work. I plan on transitioning over to working as a developer full time this summer but having this job where I get paid to do nothing has been a real blessing , and without it I don’t think I’d have been able to work, take care of my son, and learn how to code at the same time.

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What was your job title? I’m asking so that I will know how to search for this kind of jobs :#

That’s great. Can I know know what’s your job title? Thanks.

‘Concierge’. I’d search for concierge/security/doorman jobs.