Trying to figure out how to get a programming job for $10+ an hour

Hello everyone, I’m going to lose my job soon and I don’t think I’ll be able to get unemployment. So I’m scrambling, trying to find a solution. I’d like to get Really, Any programming job that pay’s more then ten dollar’s an hour.
I know this is pretty off the wall, I just need some advice :

What I Want to know is what do I need to, what milestone do you guys think I need to reach to get my foot in the door somewhere.

I can’t answer the question you are actually asking, but i can plead with you to value your time more than $10 per hour. For one thing, you’ve either got to be worth at the very, very least $16-18 an hour, or you’ve got to make yourself be worth at least that.

For another, when you devalue your work, you devalue everyone else’s also. Consider a market where just a very small handful of poor, desperate Sublime Text heroes are willing to work for peanuts. Once the greedy hiring managers and the local Profits-F1rst™ corporations get wind of them, they snap them all up to replace better-paid employees. Soon enough, everyone has to work for peanuts if they want to avoid less prestigious (but equally-paying) work in dishrooms and checkout aisles across the city. Don’t drive competition downward.


O yes, I totally understand what you’re saying.
I’m just a little desperate and I just want to start doing something other then what I’m doing. I know that once I Master all of the lessons here that I’ll be in a good place to do what I love for a good wage. I’m just trying to find a starting point. Something I could accomplish in two months vs the year or more that I think mastering all the content here will take me. I have a very low paying job now and if I had the opportunity to do something I enjoy that’s also actually stimulating for the same pay, I’d gladly switch.

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On one hand, it’ll probably take a lot longer than you think to develop the skills you need to make a living at this.

On the other hand, had I known that when I was in your position, I might not have pursued this as seriously as I have. I’m still not making any money at this, but I’m also not homeless like I thought I would be.

If you really want to do this, or anything, you gotta just start doing it and the rest will get figured out one way or another.


Thank you both very much for the honest advice.I hope you both have a good week, take care.

Interesting. I don’t hear this often - or at all, actually. Would you mind going into why you feel this way?

Just start at the very beginning, there is no ‘quick route’ because your value all comes down to your knowledge at the end of the day. To be hired by a company they’re gonna want to see that you are productive and that’s not really something you can fake. I don’t mean to sound harsh, start learning now, then in a few months time, instead of being in the same spot you’re in now, you’ll be on the path outta there :slight_smile:

Call an IT recruiter. Their job is to take your skills and get you a job, so they can make money. They will tell you what you need for them to find you a job.