How start making money?

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I lost my shitty job 2 days ago, I’m now in a bad position. I have done a bunch of html and css courses and finished that section here at freecodecamp. I have done two courses on javascript. I feel I can tweak around a website, so can i start making money like on fiverr now while I continue learning, has any of you done it? if so how hard was it? I am afraid of being handed a job and not be able to do it. I need a way to start making money asap. Thank you guys.

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Be careful, it seems to be somewhat of a trend (not too common, the mods do an awesome job) for scam artists to make new accounts and try to rip people off on this site. If someone claims they have a quick way to earn easy money and their account is 10 minutes old, don’t click the link.

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I always advise against going with freelancer websites (especially Fiverr) since many (most?) of them are simply a race to the bottom moneywise. If you have a portfolio of some sort, ask around your personal and professional website if anybody needs what you have to offer or knows somebody who does. When you have found your first client and done a bang-up job, you can then ask for referrals and start building from there. Or, find companies that obviously need your services and pitch them directly.

In the meanwhile, see if you can find a part-time job doing anything. Waiting tables, stocking shelves, working in a video store - anything to pay the bills. It’s much harder to try and start your dream career if you are also worrying about making rent, buying groceries, etc. Forget about pride, poverty is much worse.


Keep your rates low in the start get more customers and reviews and then increase your rates. also create your own portfolio website.

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