A little extra cash

So I’ve been programming for about 10 months. Working with html, css and javascript. I have not made any money yet haha but i love it! I know this is what I want to do with my life.

My question for you is: What are some ways I can make a little bit of money? My eventual goal is to be a freelance web developer and build websites for small businesses. But, what about short term projects to take on? Is there specific projects on fiverr that are suitable for beginners? Or other similar platforms?

It’s alright if it’s not well paying, I just want something, anything really! Thanks!

This question has been asked and answered numerous times on the forum. Can you please try searching the forum with the search tool? I am sure you will find the answers you seek there.

Thank you.


Sure, will do…thanks for your help!

go to nextdoor.com, make an account and make a post offering to make someone a webpage. nextdoor is like facebook but only for people who live in your neighborhood

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That sounds cool. I’m going to check it out. Thank You!