When do YOU study?

Hey folks,

Bit of a random curiousity here - how often and when do you learn?

If you’re employed full time do you study every evening? One a week? Lunchtimes? Weekends?

If you don’t work full time do you study 9-5 mon-fri? A day a week? A few hours a day? Etc.

Just curious about everyone’s study plans :slight_smile:

My plan is some reading at lunchtimes at least 2 days a week and working at least 2 evenings a week. It’s not very much at the moment but I’m working on increasing it.

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Lunch, evenings, weekends and even during work if it’s slow. I also find it beneficial to learn at a coffee shop or anywhere that’s not a place of infinite distractions like my apartment especially when it comes to projects.

I’m in vacations for 2 weeks more, but I usually study at the afternoon/night, for me it’s really hard to do it in the morning.

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how often and when do you learn?[/quote]

Usually all day and into the night; go to sleep sometime between 10pm and 1am. Back up and at it between 6am-8am.


Well, it depends the day. But I create challenges and I set dates to the tasks I need do. I use pomodoros to focus, work and take a time. It’s good! The improvements come with the time.

I schedule a couple of hours to concentrate on FCC at least five times a week. But I also find myself doing challenges trying out ideas, reading blogs or documentation whenever I don’t have anything else that demands my attention.

I’ve been on Winter break from school, so I’ve been studying Web development all day. I go from doing some FreeCodeCamp exercises to working on my own projects. When school is in session I study when I’m all caught up with homework and classes and try to squeeze in at least a few hours per day either in morning or in evening.

My goal is completing at least a lesson each day so there is a habit developed. I build side projects while learning though too so I’m always putting something together.

Quit my job … to educate myself into coding.
I try to add at least 50 hours per week.
Early Morning: algorithms and tough projects.
9-5: lesson & projects.
Evening: easy review.
Night: videos, reading official documentation or blog articles.


I work full time mon-fri so I make time to code for at least an hour or more every night after I get home from work, and then more on the weekends when I have more time.

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Pretty ballsy move there and one that I’m thinking of doing myself in the next month or two. How long have you been out of a job and when do you plan on actively pursuing a job in the field, that is assuming you’re not looking to start your own company?

Lunch in during work hours and log into FCC.

Considering I started in late September almost from zero coding experience…my goal was to start a career in a matter of 6 months / 1 year time (best option) max 2 years.
I gave up my free time, my work, my incomes and I am “breathing code” 24/7 when family&kids duties allow me.
I can tell that I start to get the first (positive) feedback. … I have a solid base of Frontend, I started Backend with Node.js and React in the focus…I try to offer other ‘out of curriculum skills’ such as some basic SQL, confidence with Command Line, learn Vim, debug on Chrome Web Tools, some Web Design…
I cannot say I am bullet-proof on my knowledge…but I am building the foundation, and I believe it will be just a matter of time.
Positive aspects: there is a HUGEEEEEE demand of coders, if you are willing to relocate, the World is your limit.
Negative aspect: I am considered always a ‘Junior’…so I need to wait the opportunity to break the ice…in the meanwhile, I just study study study to make myself ready.
Bottom line is field which I love…some I see it as a hobby and that helps a lot!



Did you planned a long term financial backup before you quit your job into full time studies? If so, possible to share some tips on your planning? Thanks.

Correct. One year financial backup, which can extend with some “sacrifice” (ie. selling things).
I see the whole thing as a big investment in my education and in particularly on my future. I am not afraid of not getting into the game, it is just a matter of when and how. I have been for long in multinational companies (many of them extremely famous)…they can offer an OK/good present, but not a good future, and particularly not skills I can bring to “the pension”…In the last month, I have been testing the coding job market, there is plenty of potential…of course, it will not be easy to get in, and when you are in…but the skills and the potential is there…it s up to me only to go ahead!

PS. studying 7/24 on something you like it is not so difficult, and I am saving so much money on commuting gasoline, expensive-canteen lunches and coffees…and no polluted traffic air to breathe :slight_smile:


Wow you guys are awesome! There’s so much dedication here it’s pretty inspiring!

Really it was amazing to read your commants. I thought i was dedicated but some good people are here fighting their goals. In my plan. I used to code less than 6 hours a day. Really i was repair technician in laptops. During my work time, i had some descent books uploaded to my google drive. When im working and i feel i have my target. I start learning code from the book and make some notes. When i got home, i start doing the notes that i made during work. But now i was faired from work. Not that i was doing bad. But my salary was increasing this year. This mthfkers faired me the best time that i was waiting. But the faired the wrong guy coz working there, will never make me who i want to be in the future. I have very bad happit. I never finish what i start learning. But i love to learn new things. Any solution of problem? I’m also floating in the air. I see something interesting. Stop coding some days. When i see that thing is nothing, i come back to my best carreer. Really i will like to make money while im learning. I want to start ecommerse but im not good at wordpress. To have income means you have free time and you can learn how and when you want. If you are good at wordpress, you can help building ecommerse for this struggling creature. You dont even imagine how i help people for free. It makes me proud that i helped someone for his/her needs. I can build but its not beautiful for eyes. And you know ecommerse is the first impression to get more clients. So i dont want wast that clients by building ugly ecommerse…

I try to do an hour of FreeCodeCamp each day. I try to make it a priority to do some kind of training everyday. I also read articles and research different technologies problems I run into at work.

For work, it’s part of my position performance plan to do research and read articles on technical stuff. I end up reading a minimum of around 200+ articles a year on different subjects. I’m subscribed to several different newsletters, so it makes it easier to track.

I work full time and try to code every possible moment I’m not working.
I bought a cheap keyboard case for my iPad mini and code for an hour at work, then come home and try to code or read about code (YDKJS at the moment) for at least 3 hours.
On my days off i’ll try to get a good 6+ hours in.

I’m fortunate I don’t have kids. But I do live with my SO and she’s been a good sport for putting up with this for a while now lol.

I am a hobbyist.because of that i do study late in the night after my work during the day. but i am sure to learn more during this time