Join me in the 21 day lighthouse labs coding challenge!

Hello everyone! I recently discovered this free 21 day coding challenge in a facebook group and figured it would be fun to participate in it with some fellow campers.

It looks like the challenges will be JavaScript based, and beginner tier but it couldn’t hurt to do the challenges to sharpen your knowledge on JavaScript. There are prizes involved but only to Canadian residents so the group I made would be exempt from those prizes, but I see this challenge as nothing but good solid fun!

It also stated in the Q&A that if you miss a day or 2 you can always catch up to where everyone else is. You don’t have to complete them each and every day, a new challenge just unlocks each day.

Here’s the link to join the FCC group! See you tomorrow for the 1st day of the challenge! :slight_smile:


I jointed! do you have any group? how to find you

The link should’ve taken you to our team page! I think you can join it from there :sunglasses:

Ya I joined to your group . we are only two member now? am i right? I am an intermediate level JavaScript programmer! can i survive there?

Joined! :muscle:
There is also a ‘freecodecamp toronto group’ :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep! The Q&A said it’s beginner based challenges so they should be managable

Yeah Canadian FCC members that are eligible for the prizes. I’m jealous lol

I think it’d be good practice though regardless! That’s why I made a fcc group that was a little more broad.

I don’t care about price. what i want is great foundation where i shroud be master in programming!
but I am super exited about this

For sure! It should be good practice to do aside from the challenges here on FCC. Solidify your knowledge in a sense.

Thanks for sharing the link. I don’t know how much i can support you. but i will try my level best

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No problem! It’ll be fun for sure! I’m lucky I found out about the challenge today! Literally a day before it starts lol.

Just a last call for some campers to join in on the fun. We have 3 people including me! Super excited for these challenges. I’ll post an update when the challenge is over to showcase how far we got :sunglasses:

I passed the first challenge. First challenge i got was first I have to declare a variable ship and i have to set a property to ship as powerOn . the value of ship’s powerOn property set to false,
after that I have to write a function named powerOn. when this function is invoked, powerOn property of ship which set false, return true

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I passed the first challenge and we have two ponts,

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Just to leave an advice:

Participants can join your team at any time

So you can join the team until may 20th!

Day 2 - The girls are on fire

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The women are killin it! They should really expand the prizes to outside Canada. It’s good practice nonetheless but :sob:

I am in :). I don’t know if I will be able to keep up but let’s see how it goes.

I solved the first challenge. The challenge was really funny.


Count me in! I’m not too sure how well I’ll do but, let’s earn some points!!!


Just joined the crew! :wave:


somehow I could complete today’s (3 rd challenge)challenge .
I feel like the hint which is mentioned there to solve challenge is not enough to understand what exactly we have to do to get the challenge passed. I was doubt about whether we have to define array or ii is already declared. while reading the hint and trying to solve the challenge , i feel like crashing my brain. actually it is simple solution. but finding the solution is bit confused

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