I Challenge You!

Hey guys, I started a 30 days JavaScript Codewar challenge while participating on codewars.com. I think that it will help me improve my JavaScript skills. I welcome you to join me. I’m already 8 days in (I started on Day0 :wink: ). I might even start posting my solutions on Youtube.

Rules that I’ve been following:

  1. Complete at least 1 kata per day for 30 consecutive days.
  2. Have fun!

Feel free to contribute to the repo (https://github.com/christophszcz/30-days-codewar), fork it, or make any suggestions on how to improve this challenge. C’mon code soldier, I challenge you to participate in the 30 Days Codewar!

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Did you just say ch-ch-challenge?

well challenge accepted. :<

Ill post a git link once I git(git it? ok ill stop) home.

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I checked it out, JavaScript only has node.js challenges, but it really cool, will jump to it after studying Node JS.

@christophszcz be ready for war ! :grinning:

@ItsRoyal hope you become my ally.

@ItsRoyal Right on!

@Henry You can definitely do most of the problems that are 8kyu or even 7kyu with regular JavaScript. I should have specified that the war is against crappy code and the time-sucking vampires that we lovingly like to call social media. We should all ally against these evil doers! :sunglasses:

I try to spend about a half hour a day @ codewars, but lately haven’t had the chance, fyi there is a freeCodeCamp clan you can join there. For a while now I have been stuck on a problem that I actually solved but not fast enough for my solution to be accepted.

did you try kumite on codewars?

It would be more fun if you named the kata you are going to do the next day. Then we can all have a go at it.

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@Dereje1 What was the name of the challenge that you stuck on?

@rfprod No, I haven’t. Have you?

@JohnnyBizzel Great idea. I appreciate the suggestion.

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its called next smaller number with same digits

Maybe I’ll get back on there too, I’m in the “Free Code Camp” Clan, there are 373 of us.
I really like codewars, it was a very useful tool for me. However at my level (3rd - 4th kyu) I feel like things get a bit out of control. Not just in difficulty of the task, but difficulty in deciphering what they want you to do.

not all of the challenges are like that though, for instance I solved a Sudoku solver challenge (3 kyu). The premise was easy to understand, but the challenge difficult. It took me between 3 days and a week but it was my favorite codewars challenge. I learned a lot. I love that it was a practical challenge, with a real world application.

Good luck on your challenge,
I might check back in on this topic to see if any interesting codewars challenges come up

I was thinking this sounded familiar but looking back through my solutions section, turns out I did “Next bigger number with the same digits” instead (they actually mention the kata in the description).

It looks like I had trouble with it too, seeing as I commented at the top of my solution "very messy, with unnecessary leftovers from earlier attempts"
that probably means I was up for a long time and when I finally finished I was too tired to refactor. Just submitted and never wanted to see it again :stuck_out_tongue:

Good Luck!

yeah, its the same problem but in reverse, I saw that in the description too, I have the logic down, which really isn’t too bad, but I’m doing it the brute force way and so it takes too long to solve for big numbers and my solution gets rejected. I have to make it smarter and skip over unnecessary calculations. In any event I just started on the backend challenges here and it is taking up most of my time, but I will get back to it.

Question for you, did you mean there are 73 fcc’ers or actually 373, I only see 75 or so in my account, maybe there is another clan I’m not aware of ?

373, if you type “Free Code Camp” rather than “freecodecamp” or anything like that.
I tried a few variations before finding this one, but this had the most members, and P1xt is #14 in the clan rankings so I took that to mean I found the… official unofficial fcc group

I dont know if theres a way to directly look at a codewars clan without joining it, but you can check my allies in my profile. They’re all from that clan.

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got it , just found a away to merge them by typing Free Code Camp, freecodecamp in my account settings, and now there are 446 people, nice , thanks!

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no, just checked the description. planning to try some when I have enough spare time. thought it may interest you.

@Dereje1 Wow 4 kyu! I don’t think that I’m there yet. Hopefully I can manage to solve a problem that difficult by the end of my 30 Days Codewar Challenge.

@JashuHB Thanks! The Sudoku solver challenge seems like an interesting problem to solve. I think that I’m going to join the ‘Free Code Camp’ clan too.

@rfprod I appreciate that you pointed them out. I’ll check out the kumite.

If anybody has an interesting challenge that they want to share then I would love to read about it.

I just now solved that problem by reusing my code from bigger number challenge with some changes.
Going over it again and reading that you are using brute force, leads me to wonder if you mean you’re checking every combination of numbers?

for all I know you’re already doing things in the way I’m about to mention, but just in case it helps…

it might help to think of it like this,

as close to the one’s place as possible you need to replace a digit with a digit that’s not only smaller, but is also closer to the one’s place.

for a number, say

num = 70632182348246       

// 6 has no smaller number before it, neither does 4 or 2.
//this leaves 8 as the first digit with a smaller digit that can replace it

 // so we can boil this down to just working with 8246 
// and leave the beginning 7063218234 part for later
//now you just have to figure out how to rearrange 8246 before stitching the result back onto the end of 7063218234

hope that helps simplify things a bit.
Good Luck!

when is the best time to start playing on codewars or coding game? My JS is at initial stage now. Did you guys finish the whole course first or just started playing as soon as possible?

Edit: oops This reply wasn’t aimed at you specifically but to the whole thread.

Just FYI if anyone has gone through all the javascript lessons here on FCC, several of the challenges on codewars are the same as the algorithm challenges here. You might be surprised at the kyu level of some stuff you’ve already done. plus you can port over your answer to codewars for points.

Sometimes a challenge can be re-purposed, and I feel like being able to edit your old code to fit new purposes is a valuable skill. It really highlights the importance of self-documenting code, and commenting your code.