Need practice/discover algorithms? Go for Code Wars


I’ve been going a little bit crazy lately, jumping around from books to websites to MDN to codingame in a desperate search for getting acquainted with javascript algorithms. Instead of simply getting acquainted with them. Yeah. Anyway.

Despite a very nice introduction by @1Pxt for Codingames I couldn’t get past some internal blockage there.

But then I’ve discovered Code Wars. The problems are presented very much like in FCC (that’s probably why I haven’t run away screaming yet). I honestly don’t know how far they push it (I’ve decided to go from the very beginning), but I like that you can see other people’s clever answers, that the environment is familiar, and that you get to choose among some 2000 challenges.

Also (at least in one beginner challenge) they push you to discover ES6 new features (or not that new, I don’t know).

So for those out there who have been hopping around until their head started spinning, maybe this is for you. If not, maybe you’ll like CodinGame better ( I hope to get back to that later, the interface is so nice !), or HackerRank.

I’m sure there’s something out there for you.

Good luck everyone!

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Don’t forget to join the Free Code Camp clan under account settings :slight_smile:️! I love codewars :heart:

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aaargh FCC has got clans on every platform - and every time I think “Later…when I actually understand what I’m doing AND have stopped writing 10 lines of code when 1 is enough!”.

So very soon, obviously.