Codewars for algorithm practice

Does anyone here use Codewars? The challenges are very similar to the fcc algorithms but there are thousands of them! What do the more experienced among you think of codewars value as a practice tool for algorithms?

I’ve just started Codewars too. It’s pretty ace!

Did you join the ‘freecodecamp’ clan? It has a leaderboard for us :slight_smile:

@JacksonBates oh awesome no i haven’t ill check it out!

How can we join the freecodecamp clan on Codewars? Isearched for freecodecamp clan and I just click on follow button.Is that enough?

@Faizahmadfaiz In your settings under clan enter Free Code Camp “caps for each new word” as your clan then click update enjoy:)

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@Aldon2 Thanks! It worked!