Opinions on codewars to practice code?

Hello everyone, I am a relative newcomer here.
I have been working on the python for everybody course, taking notes, completing the challenges, working on one small project on the side ( my completely improvised take on the pacman game using pygame just to take my mind of studying but still get the my python practice in).
But other than that I have not really been doing any extra exercises to practice and would like to work on small challenges that are not as massive looking to me as building an entire game.
Today I have found out about Codewars, a website that seems top offer just that, full of challenges of all difficulties.
I am still debating if to sign up or not. Does anybody here use it? If so, could they tell me what they like and what they don’t like, about it, whether it is worth signing up for and if it integrates nicely with the FCC python curriculum as a platform to do practice problems.
Many thanks and happy coding to you all!

Hi @Beatrix !

I like using codewars for javascript.
It is free to use and it helps with algorithm challenges.
8kyu is the easiest and then 1 kyu is the hardest.

You can choose to do the suggested problems they have or you can choose your own.
All of these challenges are submitted by the users.
You can rate the challenges when you solve them.
The rating system is good because it helps you avoid the really bad problems.

You are not able to see the solutions until you have finished the problems.
After solving the problem you can look at everyone else’s code.

When you login and click on the library for katas(challenges) then I would suggest customizing like this.

You change to python and start at a different difficulty level but I would always choose the positive feedback filter.
You don’t want to waste time messing around with katas that are poorly written.

Hope that helps!

Yeah it’s fine. Personally I like exercism better, it has mentors who will review your code and it doesn’t have the issue that some of the code wars challenges are tricksy maths-ralated things that are looking for a single specific solution. But I think all these sites are really useful and important (same with the FCC algorithms challenges). They’re small, isolated problems that you can keep practising on using different approaches, they’re all really good, definitely sign up and work at the problems.

It’s definitely good for practice, but personally I don’t really like their interface. My favorite site of this type is Exercism.

Here is 25 websites for coding challenge and competition, and as written in that article:

“Choose one or two from the above list, find the one that suits you and stick to it till the end.”

I used codewars to brush up on my JS skills in the past.
I’ve found it can get pretty challenging pretty fast, and even if you give up, looking at the recommended answers can give insight into interesting tricks (or even straight up code golf) and approaches to different problems.

I haven’t looked much into Python on the platform, or look much into fCC’s Python curriculum that much either, but I believe codewars would be a good secondary platform to practice, and possibly go further into more complex problems aswell.

In general, one of the biggest pros of these kind of platforms is that you are forced to use your own brain.

Many people just watch courses and mindlessly copy and paste thoughts and ideas.

When you do katas, you have to think for yourself and come up with ideas.

On codewars, I think the Solutions section is one of the best features, because it shows you great alternatives to your own solutions.