Codefights? - What do you think?


Anyone else try out Codefights? Similar to Codewars but more polished. Interesting is that you can compete against other people and challenge friends!

Sign up and friend me!! -

Chris -


I don’t visit codefights often, but I sent a friend request :slight_smile:

it looks cool but I’m not sure I’m experienced enough to sign up :frowning: oh well maybe later

I haven’t tried CodeFights myself, but I’d be interested in hearing what you all think after you do try it. I’ve converted this thread into a “review” thread. So if you do try it, you can leave a 1 - 5 star review :slight_smile:

I’ve played CodeFights and MathFights also. They are pretty fun to play, and they are also challenging. :slight_smile:
I’ll recommend giving them a try.

I do
and the idea is great!

on that note, how you’d recommend people to prepare for codefights? seems like many people find it a little too challenging.