Last night I join Code Wars. After completing the JS Algorithm part in FCC I found my self a little bit lost. I pause FCC for a while now. I will definitely complete the FCC challenges later. CODE WARS. is a bit harsh on beginning. I have one question though. I am able to complete every KATA they through at me so far ( I only completed 10 of them :stuck_out_tongue: and they are quite tough but not that much) but when I found the answer of other WARRIORs my solution look like joke (As they complete the KATA writing only 2 to 3 line where it took me at least 6 tor more lines). Question is: Should I really worry about my code quality now? Or should I just focus on solving KATA? Any suggestion is highly appreciated. And sorry for my bad English :D.


If you are able to solve them in a correct way then you don’t need to worry at all. I was quite active on codewars myself but lately i haven’t been finding enough time to solve the challenges,and even i felt stupid when other people solved the problem in just 2-3 lines but i learned from their solutions, i looked up the documentation if i was unfamiliar of some inbuilt js functions they were using and before i knew it i was incorporating some of the methods some of the elite coders were using to solve the kata. The best thing about codewars is that we are able to see other people’s solutions,you should learn from their solutions and you will be able to solve them in 3-4 lines as well.

P.S- 3-4 lines solutions are not always the most efficient one.


Solve it as best as you can and learn from the other solutions. CodeWars really helped me with FCC algorithms too. I was feeling really unprepared for the challenges and algorithms, so I joined a bunch of similar websites like CodeWars and Code Abbey. It helped a lot.

Also some people throw in joke solutions sometimes, like this one on finding prime numbers. :smiley:


There’s also a clan called “FreeCodeCamp” you can join,where you can compete against other campers and see where you stand.

That joke solution made my day!:joy:

@mitul036, thanks for sharing about codewars. I just joined and it seems a good place to practice.

If you can get to KYU level 4 or 3 or better yet 2; your game will be strong for jobs/etc…I am at level 6 and it is hard lol

Is that clan only for JavaScript coders or can Python coders join too?

@P1xt thanks for your response. My current level is 7kyu . And don’t think it will going up any time soon as I already heat on a wall. Got a challenge so hard, still my head is spinning like sputnik. Funny thing is now I found one big difference between FCC and CW. In FCC we get quick reference of tools that need to solve the problem but in CW no body is pointing out anything. CW is a harsh world compared to FCC, but whenever I finished a challenge I feel like I am a survivor of zombie apocalypse. :smiley:

That’s exactly what i feel like after completing a challenge but it’s been a long time since i experienced that feeling,i need to get back to CodeWars soon enough i suppose.I am at 4kyu for a long time now need to level up soon.:smiley:

No you can join as well though there are more people completing the challenges using Javascript but there are some who uses python as well. I myself use C# sometimes to solve some Kata if i get bored of using JS.

4kyu :astonished: I bow to your, MASTER :pensive:

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Dumb question. How to join a CLAN? When I create my account there was a field named CLAN but can’t find it out anywhere now.

CodeWars is an excellent site to practice algorithms, but I will say one word of caution - short answers aren’t necessarily better answers. This is true on two levels

  • Performance: JavaScript, for instance has a map function on Arrays that feels much cleaner than a for loop, but the for-loop is actually more performant, quicker by a factor of two.
  • Readability: This is really where CodeWars can steer you wrong. A 1-line solution is a good thing there, but imagine working on a team with someone who codes like that. Readability is often more important than minor performance gains.

That’s not to say CodeWars is bad - it’s excellent problem solving practice and a great way to get much more proficient with your languages of choice - just remember that the goals are different there than when you’re coding for your projects :slight_smile:


You can go to your profile view there on the top right corner hover over your profile pic…you will see account settings there you can see the Clan field you can change it to FreeCodeCamp and the people who belong to that clan their rankings will show up on your landing page.

haha…please don’t! It is not a big deal seriously,you can check out my CW profile here and solve the katas i have solved,i usually pick the easy ones.You will also be at 4kyu level in no time.:smiley:

Question: Is skipping good if I get stuck for a long time (I only heat the wall last night). Or should I show more patience.

Well it depends,sometimes when i feel i am closer to the solution,i keep at it but when i used to submit my code it failed one or two test cases and usually it takes a lot more time than expected,sometimes even days(for the record i spent a whole week solving this kata) to solve them.So if you feel you are closer to the solution you should try and see it through but don’t take more than 3 days,there’s no harm in skipping.

I am currently on the “Object orientated and functional programming” part of the Javascript section here in FCC and am going to shortly start the “Basic Algorithm Scripting” do any of you think this is enough knowledge to start CW? As I signed up for it the other week and had no idea what was going on (to be fair though, I hadn’t even started the JS section, but had done some ages back elsewhere)

I have 0 knowledge over oop. Completed 10 + kata. Stuck on 11. So from my point of view if you are really interested, why noy give a try and find out yourself.