jQuery Portfolio page

Hi all, I have created two versions of my personal portfolio page. The first is a static one, it meets the criteria of the challenge, but it is entirely hard-coded. The second one is a clone of it that uses JavaScript to generate the HTML. At the moment, the second version is only a prototype that displays a single project, which is hardcoded in. I just built it today, and I’m going to build a Spring Boot backend as persistence for my projects.

What I would like is someone to tell me if I’m going the right way with this. I’m more used to serverside programming, and when I do design on the frontend, I usually use Angular. I wanted to try code a simple SPA using jQuery, but I’m not sure if my templating code is too brittle. I tried to make it as generic as possible, but as I said, I’m more used to Angular and it’s MV* architecture. In general, I always felt that jQuery is great for small scale DOM manipulation, but I have a hard time building generic templates for reuse with it.

The original static version can be found here. The new version can be found here.

Any feedback is appreciated,

Thank you!

Hi, I pretty like your portfolio webpage. I don’t like the background images, and I would not have put the social links within a navbar. You should not set a fixed height to ‘section.text-section’ because on small screen devices the content of different sections tend to overlap.
I’ve not the necessary knowledge to fully understand the javascript version of your portfolio, but I will read it several times trying to learn how it works (thanks for having commented it so clearly).

Thanks for the feedback. I’m not really focusing on the static version anymore since I am working on the jQuery version at the minute. In that version I no longer use static heights for section.text-section for exactly the reason you mentioned above.

The reason for the buttons appearing in the navbar is that they were originally contained in the jumbotron, but I had difficulty in making them look well on a mobile screen (i.e. I couldn’t make them appear as a dropdown when the screen was below a certain size.)

With regard to the background images, what particularly do you dislike about them? Is it the images themselves? Or is it the style of having large photographs going right to the edge of the screen that you dislike?

Thank you for your feedback. This is only a prototype of the website that I put in CodePen to get some design ideas (as I said, I’m not really a frontend developer), but I will take what you’ve said on board for the next iteration of the project :slight_smile: