Feedback on my "Build a Personal Portfolio Webpaga" project


I finished my Personal Portfolio Webpage project. Instead of doing one of my own, I tried to make it very similar to the one that FCC showed me(including responsiveness). There is little differences.

Here’s my CodePen:

I would like to hear your feedback of how I can optimize my HTML, CSS and JS.

I know that my buttons to jump to the sections of the page are not working as intended(not going to the correct section depending of the size of the screen).

When the screen is small, my buttons are turned into only one button.

If I toggle this new button and turned back the webpage to full-size, my old buttons don’t turn to appear.

How do I correct this? And what could I do better in my code?


The site looks good… but this is NOT what was intended. For the front end portfolio project, the goal is to build a site for yourself. Not a site you have to use, but a site designed and built by you. This is actually the first time Ive seen someone simply recreate the example project like so.

That said its a pretty good recreation, lines up almost perfectly.

As for the navbar problem…
Nevermind, looks like you fixed it as im typing this.

Try to challenge yourself and design the site from scratch. It looks good and its pretty impressive that you managed to copy it so well, but like I said, this was not the intended purpose of this challenge.

Well done though, I think this is the first time Ive seen this :smile:
Keep going! :+1:


Thanks and sorry I didn’t know what was intended in this project.

I’ll build a portfolio for myself. At least, I learned a lot while doing this project.

Thanks for the feedback.