JS Calculator - Feedback Please!

Any feedback or critiques will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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What you did is nice, Well done :slight_smile:

Actually it took some time to find out how to come back in the right orientation, I think it would be easier if clicking on the smile again make the calculator back at its first place

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Two bugs found for now:

  • Try something like 8/12, you should see immediatly what is not right.
  • If you start your operation with 0 (i.e. 0 x 9), you bypass said 0.
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I just ran 9x9x9 and it returned an error. If you don’t want people to chain multiple calculations together perhaps have it return in the next key press after and operator.

Also 3.3x6 returns a recurring number that pushes outside the window.

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Same. Altough the smiley action is funny, it took me a few clicks revert the calculator back in normal position.
I also first clicked the smiley face a few times before i tried the “AC” button.

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Thanks, that was a good recommendation. I made it so the AC button and the smile button both reset it now.

Yeah you’re right. I think I fixed those bugs now. Thanks for your help.

Yeah I want people to be able to do that I just had a mess up in my code. Thank you for reporting that though! I think i got it working!