JS Calculator (feedback)

Project link: jsCalculator

Thank you in advance for your feedback.

Hi @salasy

I like the design, I love how mechanically the buttons feel, feels like I’m pressing real buttons :smile:.

I did notice a strange bug, if you continuously press the off part of the toggle switch, it turns the calculator on/off but doesn’t trigger the switches animation.

Other than that, good job dude!

@salasy looks nice. one thing that is a little annoying to me is there is no backspace button, so if you’re in a complicated problem and mess it up a little you have to start all over .

Nice look! There may be some bugs with the arithmetic. I tried 4+410 and got 160 instead of 44 (or some would say 80 would be acceptable too - but I don’t think so because multiplication/division has higher precedence than addition/subtraction). As a matter of fact I just tried 44*10 and got 160 again! Time for a bug hunt! :slight_smile: Keep up the good work!

Thank you for your comments.
I’ll try to correct mistakes.

Try these:
9999999 (off/on) 99 (off/on) 99 (off/on) 99 (off/on) 99 (off/on)
99999999999999999 - 1 = …

Thank you. I’ll check it and try to correct mistakes.