Completed JS Calculator - Feedback?

Hi Fellow Campers,

I completed the JS Calculator project and am looking for feedback. I used a non skeuomorphic design and this implementation accept input from both the UI as well as the keyboard. Let me know what you think and if you detect any issues. My JS Calculator

Thanks for your help

A few bugs I found:

  • unlimited zeros
  • unlimited dots
  • unlimited ='s
  • Try typing something, then click AC and then CE

Keyboard input is neat.

Thanks Ben. I’ll make some tweaks to the state machine routines to detect duplicate consecutive symbols. Thanks for your input!

I fixed these issues and another I found along the way. Great feedback on your part and on my next project, the Pomodoro Timer, I’m going to look into incorporating Mocha & Chai to improve testing - Something that I need to improve on.