JS Calculator Brutal feedback

Hello guys i really want you all to review my JS calculator. I did this in a very limited time,approximately took 10 hours across 10 days, so i am not very satisfied with the outcome. But i would really like some inputs on this one as i am going to have some free time this weekend(Hopefully!). I want to redo the design as well as improve on the functionality.
Check out this link – https://kunalgupta05.github.io/Javascript_Calculator/

It looks better then my. Where is komma or dot?

Oh yeah i completely forgot about that.Sigh! I am gonna redo the design anyways so let’s just say it was a happy mistake. Thanks for the feedback though!:slight_smile:

Just really quickly and with the caveat that I am in no way a UI/UX expert, so feel free to not accept any of these:

  • Tone down that red to something a little softer.
  • When you type a number, then an operator, then a number, the display jumps around due to the size of the characters and whether there is a calculated total or not. I’d try to lock that down so your display isn’t jumping all around.
  • The back button is the only thing that has an animation to grow when hovered. I’d just make that look the same as all the other hover states.
  • When I see a back button, I think it should go back one character, but your back button works more like a clear button. I’d make that more obvious by making it a clear button rather than a back arrow.
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Thanks you so much for the feedback. I totally agree with all of your points. Maybe i haven’t put in a lot of efforts into making this resulted in a clumsy design. I will rectify all of that as i said i might get some time this weekend to go all out on this one, and hopefully come up with a better and consistent design which doesn’t mislead the user.

Thanks again i really appreciate it.