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Are there any good resources for new devs trying to learn functional programming. I feel super confused at the challenges going through them. In general, I feel a little like I’m taking information in and not getting a good comfortability writing code in general.

I’m working through all this because I’m honestly sick of the dead end jobs I’ve been ending up in. I’m 30, and I’m afraid I’m going to waste my life away. I want to find either a Jr position or an internship, and I’m super nervous that I’m just not processing this.

I’m not afraid of the work, but I need guidance. Can anyone please point me in the right direction?

-Thank you.


Its quite normal to feel confused when you start something new.

As per the resource. This and FCC functional programming section helped out. I wont say I have mastered it. See FCC helps you out to get the basics of functional programming. You will learn it on the go once you keep practicing regurarly.

helped me out to understand

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Write the result of the code below?
num = 23;
function evil () {
num += 5;

I just joined the class, can anyone copy me?