Functional Programming - Difficulty comprehending the lessons & solutions

Hey Guys!

Wanted to get your opinion on the Functional Programming Course Section for JS. I was working alongside the track, and the difficulty from the previous object-oriented programming went from a 5 to a solid 8 or 9. It introduces concepts I have never heard about(which is fine) but then when I can’t solve and look into the solutions, the solutions are really complicated to the point of me not understanding it.

Has anyone else had this issue with the functional programming section. Any suggestions?

Is functional programming vital or is it something I can skip for now and learn as I go?


Link to the challenge:

When you get stuck, you can always ask it here.
Someone will be happy to help you anytime they are here.
Functional programming section in fcc I think is a must.
In this section it will teach you about manipulating data and using Highgher order function like map, filter, sort etc.
It is important to understand about callback, currying etc.
So imo, don’t skip it, just ask if you get stuck or confused.

Awesome, Glad to hear it! I will definitely do that

I will echo what @padunk said, this is a friendly and helpful community so definitely ask if you have tried everything you can think of and it still isn’t working.

I am newer to the community as well but have found in exploring that this is a good group that wants to support each other.

Hope the Functional Programming comes along well!