Functional Programming Section: Needs Work IMO

Is anyone else significantly struggling through the Functional Programming section of JavaScript Algorithms & Database structures section?

I feel like the information they are giving us is in the challenges is okay, but it is not helpful in solving the challenges in the slightest bit. I have had to search the forums and elsewhere to find just about every solution thus far and I’m on the 9th challenge in the section. I recall arrow functions a little bit from way earlier in the course, but it would have been nice to reintroduce them before expecting us to write solutions using them (especially since the arrow functions covered earlier were so much less complex than these I would have never even thought they could be used like this).

Also, where are the examples? The previous section (Object Oriented Programming) had examples for every challenge that were directly relevant to solving the challenge. There have been none thus far in this section, and seriously I just have no clue where to start on each one.

Thankfully, I found a link to MDN in the forums for Arrow Functions, so I guess I can go learn from there and come back and try to solve these. In my opinion, if you’re not going to show us how to solve a challenge before attempting it, you should at least provide us with links to relevant external sites so that we (beginner coders) can read up on the topics and actually have a chance to solve the challenges without cheating.



I think that FCC doesn’t usually repeat lessons or resource links. The expectation is that as you learn, part of what you’ll be learning is where resources exist and how to find/use them. Generally, FCC doesn’t do a lot of hand holding and it’s structured in such a way that as you progress through the curriculum you’re doing more independently and FCC will just be providing the structure. It’s a pedagogical choice.

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The structure of FCC is great most of the time. I’ve done over 400 of the 1,397 coding challenges since I started my coding journey 2 months ago, and I’ve only had complaints about this section and the former JSON API AJAX section (which was vastly improved with the website update). Both sections seem rushed and didn’t offer much help. They might make sense for people with more coding experience, but are not helping me(virtually brand new coder) at all. :slightly_smiling_face: