JS skills assessment

Hello friends,

Has anyone ever taken a skills assessment for JavaScript before? One of the recruiters that I’m trying to work with wants me to go through one of these, and I’ve no idea what to prepare for, or how to go about studying for something like this. Thanks in advance for any advice you might have.

So…basically if I can pass the tests on this 4 year old repo project, then I can pass whatever might come up in my recruiter’s test? What about things that might have been created within the last four years since this repo was updated? Also, when I run the project, about half of the tests have already been passed.

I was hoping to just get a list of topics to study, or maybe some sample questions or a prep exam I could take and re-take to get the hang of it.

Hey man, Im sorry, I thought what was meant was ‘js-assesment’ I have seen in a couple blog posts, I thought this was a maintained thing. My bad. Can anyone offer some tips?

@jasonmfetzer no worries, looks like your answer was the best one available!

You might consider joining PluralSight and taking some of their “Skills IQ” assessment(s). Of course, buying a subscription will cost money, but at least you then have another independent recognizable entity’s validation of your proficiency level that you can provide prospective employers. You’ll also have the more obvious benefit of being able to further build out your skills through their courses/curriculum.

For the record I have no association or affiliation with Pluralsight other than having been a customer of theirs for several years now. Relevant to the question, I also used them as a way to objectively gauge my skill level when applying for a new role recently, and based on the technical assessment the employer had me do with a different test provider, I think Pluralsight’s assessments were reasonably on the mark in terms of estimating where one falls on the bell curve.